Steven Spurrier

Steven Spurrier

Steven was a British wine expert and a former merchant described as a French wine champion. Spurrier organized the Paris Wine Tasting of 1976, which unexpectedly elevated the status of California wine and promoted the expansion of wine production in the New World. He is also the founder of the Academie du Vin and Christie’s Wine Course, authoring and co-authoring several wine books. 

It has been said repeatedly that upon meeting Steven, they learn something essential, a testament to his character and willingness to extoll his wisdom and the pleasures of wine to the world.

His recently relaunched publishing company, the Académie du Vin Library, is dedicated to publishing the best wine writing. 

With great sadness…

Steven Spurrier passed away 9th March 2021. He was at home, at Bride Valley, surrounded by family. Steven was a pioneer in wine – a visionary who never lost his passion for new projects, new discoveries and the world of wine. He will always be remembered for founding the Académie du Vin, the celebrated Judgement of Paris and in recent years, the Académie du Vin Library and, together with his wife Bella, the Bride Valley Vineyard in Dorset, England – as well as much else besides. He was also a hugely loved husband, father and grandfather. He will be sorely missed, not just by his immediate family and friends, but by people right across the world of wine. His enthusiasm and love of wine will live on through Bride Valley, the Académie du Vin Library, the relaunched Académie du Vin in Canada and through the work of the many winemakers, wine writers and wine educators he championed.