A Conversation with Hugh Johnson

Dec 13, 2020

Please enjoy our conversation with Hugh Johnson…

Here he chats about his recently revised The Story of Wine and how our understanding and appreciation of wine has evolved over his extraordinary 60-year career. Since the publication of his first book, Wine, at the age of 27, Johnson has forged a reputation as one of the subject’s most knowledgeable communicators. His rare talent for making the most complex subjects readable has led to a remarkable sequence of books including The World Atlas of Wine, Wine Companion and his much-loved annual Pocket Wine Book, which is now in its 44th year. Christopher Waters, wine columnist for The Globe and Mail, will lead a discussion with Johnson over the course of what promises to be an informative and enjoyable session with one of the foremost minds in the world of wine.

“His rare talent for making the most complex subjects readable…”