La Cuvée One Drop Toronto July 10


6:00 pm Wednesday, July 10, 2024 at

The Vintage Conservatory, King Street West

 224 King Street West, Toronto ON M5H 1K4

The One Drop Foundation, created by Guy Laliberté, its curating partner, the Académie du Vin, and its culinary host, the Vintage Conservatory, are proud to invite you to an exceptional philanthropic event benefitting the crucial mission to solve the water and climate crisis.

$1,750.00 + TAX

*a tax receipt for a portion of the ticket will be issued

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Introducing the Foundation: The One Drop Foundation has made a significant impact, reaching over 3 million people across 14 countries with 29 global water projects. In 2022, they initiated the Indigenous Water Allyship program to further their commitment to sustainable water solutions. Lisa Clowery, co-CEO of the One Drop Foundation, will present its mission and achievements.

Embark on a Journey Through Excellence as we invite you to a captivating evening of unparalleled sophistication and indulgence. Savor the opulence of a welcome glass of Dom Perignon 2008 while esteemed Master Sommelier Alexander Powell from the Académie du Vin introduces an extraordinary array of vintages from renowned wineries worldwide, including highlights such as the 2018 Domaine Nicole Lamarche La Grande Rue Cuvée 1959 and Château Montrose St-Estèphe 1928.

The culinary adventure begins with canapés featuring a harmonious blend of flavors. Seared scallops paired with apple fennel purée, pickled mustard seeds, and crispy prosciutto provide a delightful burst of textures and tastes. Alongside, guests can enjoy mini crab vol-au-vents filled with lump crab, summer corn, and tarragon. These delectable bites are perfectly complemented by the effervescent elegance of Dom Pérignon 2008, known for its refined bubbles, bright acidity, and notes of brioche and citrus.

For the first course, guests will savor a luxurious dish of East coast lobster tail and scallop mousse, served with celeriac purée and transmontanous caviar beurre blanc. This rich and creamy dish is paired with Domaine Dauvissat Chablis Grand Cru Les Clos 2005, a wine celebrated for its crisp minerality, vibrant acidity, and nuanced flavors of green apple, citrus, and wet stone, which enhance the delicate seafood flavors.

The second course features a decadent braised short rib raviolo, enriched with béarnaise sauce and sautéed spinach. This hearty and flavorful dish is accompanied by two exceptional wines: Occidental Bodega Headlands Vineyard Cuvée Elizabeth Pinot Noir Sonoma Coast 2012 and Domaine Nicole Lamarche La Grande Rue 2018 Cuvée 1959 in Magnum. The Pinot Noir offers rich, complex flavors of dark berries, spice, and earthy undertones, while the La Grande Rue brings elegance with its refined tannins, bright acidity, and layers of red fruit and floral notes.

Next, the third course presents succulent magret duck breast, served with butternut squash purée, pickled endive, and cherry gastrique. This dish is elegantly matched with Château Figeac St-Émilion 1er Grand Cru Classé 1989, a Bordeaux known for its silky texture, balanced tannins, and complex flavors of plum, blackberry, tobacco, and hints of cedar, which perfectly complement the richness of the duck.

The evening also includes an exclusive Bordeaux tasting, commented by Alex and Marc, featuring exceptional vintages such as Château Lafleur Pomerol 1959 and Château Montrose St-Estèphe 1928. Château Lafleur Pomerol 1959 offers deep, concentrated flavors of dark fruits, truffle, and earthy nuances, while Château Montrose St-Estèphe 1928 is renowned for its powerful structure, elegant tannins, and layers of blackcurrant, leather, and spice.

For the fourth course, guests will indulge in exquisite Mishima U.S. wagyu tenderloin, accompanied by truffle pomme pavé, foie mousse, shaved Périgord truffles, white asparagus, and veal glacé. This luxurious dish is paired with Château Hosanna Pomerol 2000, which boasts velvety tannins, rich fruit flavors, and a long, complex finish, and Château Cos d’Estournel St-Estèphe 1982, known for its full-bodied structure, deep flavors of dark berries, and notes of tobacco and exotic spices.

The culinary journey concludes with a delightful Cruller Sundae, featuring blueberry coulis, cheesecake ice cream, amarena cherries, and edible flowers. This dessert is perfectly complemented by the rare Tokay Aszu Eszencia Hegyaljai Allami Gazdasagi Borkoombinat 1957, a sweet wine with luscious flavors of apricot, honey, and caramel, offering a perfect and luxurious end to an unforgettable dining experience.

This menu promises an extraordinary dining experience, with each course carefully paired to create a symphony of flavors.


Champagne Reception: Canapés

Seared Scallop,
apple fennel puree, pickled mustard seed, crispy prosciutto
Mini Crab Vol au Vent
lump crab, summer corn, tarragon

Dom Pérignon 2008

Course One

Lobster and Scallops
East coast lobster tail, scallop mousse, celeriac purée, transmontanous caviar beurre blanc

Domaine Dauvissat Chablis Grand Cru Les Clos 2005

Course Two

Braised Short Rib Raviolo 
Bernaise, sautéed spinach

Occidental Bodega Headlands Vineyard Cuvée Elizabeth Pinot Noir Sonoma Coast 2012

Domaine Nicole Lamarche La Grande Rue 2018 Cuvée 1959 in Magnum

Course Three

Magret Duck Breast
Butternut squash puree, pickled endive, cherry gastrique

Château Figeac St-Émilion 1er Grand Cru Classé 1989

Bordeaux Tasting Interlude
( Commented by Alex and Marc )

Château Lafleur Pomerol 1959

Château Montrose St-Estèphe 1928

Course Four

Mishima U.S. Wagyu Tenderloin 
Truffle pomme pave, foie mousse, shaved perigord truffles, white asparagus, veal glacé

Château Hosanna Pomerol 2000

Château Cos d’Estournel St-Estèphe 1982

Course Five

Cruller Sundae
Blueberry coulis, cheesecake ice cream, amarena cherry, edible flowers

Tokay Aszu Eszencia  Hegyaljai Allami Gazdasagi Borkoombinat 1957

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